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About Us

The Angis Maintenance Service offers an array of services from carpet cleaning with the latest truck-mounted equipment to power washing, and everything in between. We are offering free estimates within 48 hours on all our janitorial services – not many companies being in business since 2004 can say they still value the customer enough to do that! We are more than happy to offer our employees opportunities to better their experience and certification by offering specialized training to ensure that you, our customers, receive the highest quality service, each and every time. .

Our experienced staff understands the changes that every business owner goes through trying to focus on the bottom line in today’s busy economy, which is why we have perfected a floor stripping and waxing procedure that will add years to your flooring. We take pride in handling every single job regardless of how big or small it is. As a matter of fact; there is no job too big for us to handle!

Angis Maintenance Service now has a pressure washing service available. Pressure washing can help cut cleaning times tremendously in your restaurants and diners. With cutting this time, you will see that both you and your customers will appreciate it much more.

We at Angis Maintenance Service are happy to offer you an excellent cleaning service to you and your business at a very reasonable rate. Just give us a call at 562-424-5555 ad schedule your free estimate. We will be happy to discuss options, cleaning schedules, and timelines with you in order to build a free estimate to have delivered to you within 48 hours of our meeting.