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Building Maintenance Long Beach

Building Maintenance Long Beach

Angis maintenance service is the powerful service for the most contemporary maintenance and high trustworthiness for all properties. Take benefits of our particular service in building maintenance long beach. Be sure of our core competencies among all building maintenance long beach. We are keen on:

Field balancing

Vibration measurement and analysis

Alignment and geometrical measurement

Remote monitoring and diagnosis of machines and systems

Training and Consulting

Our technical support team is accessible to you 24/7to solve special system and device problems.

We receive all alignment devices and correlate and repair these so that you may begin again promptly.

Categories of Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance can be extensively categorized into three parts.

we deal in all three categories.

Routine Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Remedial Maintenance

  1. Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance of the structure is essential to keep it functioning and protected against early decomposition. A building is made of different parts, different materials and in different locations. Our routine maintenance activity is based on regular, weekly and periodical basis.

Regular Maintenance

In our regular maintenance, we offer cleaning of walls etc with brushes and swabbing, water closets cleaning with brushes and acids and other cleaning chemicals, cleaning of sanitary installation and premises, cleaning of Glass panes of doors and windows.

Weekly Maintenance

The roof top cleaning, bathroom cleaning, doors and windows cleaning, checking of ventilation installation, checking the spots of electrical pumps and motors installation, checking of heavy electrical area like transformer, switches and gears etc, Cleaning of interior and exterior decoration etc are being offered in weekly maintenance.

Periodical Maintenance

Observation and fixing leaks in soil pipes, waste water pipes, rain water pipes etc, checking and cleaning of water supply lines, Observing narrow hair cracks in the walls, Water cleaning reservoir, checking the growth of small plants in walls in order to stop them and save the adjoining portion of walls, wall Plastering internal and external, Internal and external surface painting of building, Painting of doors and windows, water supply and drainage lines, checking of sound and heat insulation against leakage, checking of electrical installation, internal wiring, switches, water heater etc, cleaning of illuminating bodies, maintaining plinth protection around the building, servicing and maintaining lifts, elevators etc, cleaning of building compound, cutting and removing unwanted plants etc. Our building cleaners in long beach are the real skilled experts backed by the years of experience, dealing such task very professionally and efficiently.

  1. Preventive Maintenance

It comprises of soil investigation, collection of information regarding climate and its conditions and taking all necessary measures to strengthen the building structure. We conduct preventive maintenance via collection of information of the building even after designed and during construction.

It includes:

Selection of right material for construction

Employing trained workforce to ensure improved workmanship

Taking preventive measures to enable the building structure to withstand with natural conditions like earth quake storm and flood etc.

  1. Remedial Maintenance

Despite taking all routine maintenance, a building may still go declined and receive damages and requires remedial measures.

In order to protect your building, call us now for more service details.

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